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Let Wildlife Be Wild T-Shirts

Price: All proceeds benefit Animal Services Education Programs.

 Let Wildlife be Wild T-Shirts!

Arlington Animal Services is working to educate Arlington residents, business owners, and visitors about urban wildlife.

These exciting T-shirts are available in camouflage and dark green in adult and youth sizes. Adult sizes are available with a $20 donation, and $15 each for youth sizes.

Learn the tracks made by some of the amazing wildlife in our community from pawprints made on these fun T-shirts, such as:

This is just a sampling of the wildlife in our community! Learn more about wildlife and what to do if spotted in your neighborhood at the Animal Services Urban Wildlife website.

Arlington’s Sustainable Wildlife Program was initiated to implement proven best practices for harmonious coexistence with wildlife.

Support of this program and other Animal Services educational initiatives will help attain the best outcome for people, domestic pets, and wildlife in the community.

Image of front and back of the Let Wildlife be Wild T-shirts (in Camo and Dark Green)

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