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Magical Virtual Animal Services Angel Tree!

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This year the Animal Services Angel Tree is magical - and donations will be accepted through January 31, 2021!

The Animal Services Angel Tree is decorated with Christmas ornaments that are gift wish tags this year, with scannable QR codes!

Scan a gift wish card in the link below to view more than 70 Christmas wishes! Each unique gift wish card features a photo of an animal that has been cared for at the shelter during the past year.

Not sure how to use a QR code? Open the camera on your mobile device and hover over the square. After a second or two, an alert to open your internet browser will appear which will include a direct link to shop or donate, depending on the item scanned.

Browse the gallery of Christmas wish cards with QR codes that provide links to items on the Animal Services wish list to help animals in the shelter’s care here:

Click here to view a photo gallery of Christmas wishes with scannable QR codes!

Gifted items purchased such as peanut butter lick mats, toys, treats and more, help the animals feel safer and more at home while in shelter care.

Every donation, no matter the dollar amount, directly impacts animals in our care. Make a wish come true for a shelter animal or animal lover in your life – and best wishes for a safe, happy and healthy holiday season.

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